• Grant Writing
    Don't leave something as important to your success in the hands of just anyone. We can help you reach your funding goals.
  • Program Development
    Successful programs are built from the ground up. Let us walk you through the process, every step of the way.
  • Professional Development
    Enhance your program staff's ability through innovative and engaging training sessions tailored to your agency's needs.
  • Program Evaluation
    Our experienced team is available to guide you through a comprehensive review of your program's strengths and weaknesses.
Who We Are

Simmons Consulting was founded on the desire of supporting passionate people to create solid programs that fill service gaps or solve essential community problems. Through grant development, project management, and program evaluation, we strive to provide tailored services that bring our clients' vision to life. As program managers and program evaluators with decades of experience, we understand the hurdles and challenges organizations face during all stages of implementation. Our past successes improving the lives of at-risk youth and their families have empowered us to take on roles as mentors, leaders, and innovators. Our team's project management and evaluation experience crosses many disciplines and areas of need including:

  • Education
  • Out of School / Afterschool
  • Juvenile Justice Prevention & Intervention
  • Wraparound Continuum of Care
  • Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs (ATOD) Prevention & Intervention
  • Character Education
  • Child Abuse Prevention
  • Sexual Abuse Prevention
  • Small Business Start up
  • Mental Health Public Policy
  • Technology integration

Our consultants have diversified experience and have dedicated themselves to careers of lifelong learning with consultant qualifications ranging from master's level program management to doctorates in educational measurement and statistics. Our insider knowledge of many of today's competitive grant-funded programs makes us an indispensable member of any dedicated team.

Contact us today to discuss your agency's needs!
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